Trading Terminal

Presenting the future of Crypto Trading. Find market inefficiencies, manage risk and improve your perfomance with the CryptoControl Trading Terminal.

Trade Across 60+ Crypto Exchanges

View technical indicators, track trading performance, open orders and more with our unified trading interface. All trading data is encrypted and secured with a password that is stored locally in your machine.

Aggregate Data from Crypto Exchanges in Realtime

View orderbooks, tickers, candle charts, volume charts for mutliple across multiple exchanges in one place. View arbitrage opportunities across 50,000 symbols and find profitable arbitrage paths.

Track & Improve your Performance

Measure your trading performance against popular indexes and currencies. Track your Alpha & Beta and analyze your trades across multiple exchanges in one place.

Track News, ICOs & Mining Pools

Get real-time cryptocurrency news from over 500+ crypto news sources and over 2000+ mainstream news sources within minutes of publishing. Easily track the best upcoming ICOs & STOs. Get insights about hashrates for the different coins all and the distribution of hashpower.